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I am a live-event video and TV Director, Video Producer, Music Video and TV Director with a career that started as an Emmy Award winning, live sports and entertainment cameraman with stops along the way as a DP, A1 & V1. I sometimes write, produce, handle crewing, handle logistics and whatever else is needed for the job at hand - after all, the show must go on!

I still provide engineering services on occasion, switch my own shows when it's appropriate and I own my own small-venue, multi-camera production package (see link HERE

What does all this mean? Not much in the grand scheme of life but if you are looking for a live, network-level trained, broad-range experienced Director that loves what they do (for any size show or event) call me. 

Here are some career highlights since 1977;

  • Director; Hundreds of concerts - IMAG, commercial DVD, corporate events, festivals. Download my list of concert and corporate credits below.

  • Camera Operator; 1984 Summer Olympics - Emmy Award

  • DP/Camera; Billy Graham Evangelical Association, 25 countries

  • Director; Promise Keepers, US Tour

  • Director; Bill Maher In A Fishbowl pilot show, Sundance, UT        

  • Director; Webcasts - Microsoft, Boeing, F5 Networks, Rolling Stone.com, AT&Y.com, DELL

  • Producer/Director; Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Western Washington Telethon Producer - 12 years

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There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about me. I hope you enjoy my site and take a moment to drop me a line, ask me questions.


Thousands of  Production Credits since 1977

Concert Credits (pdf)


Corporate Credits (pdf)


About Me



Live, multi-cam one-offs and festivals are my specialty. Hundreds of credits and shows from Sting to Willie Nelson. Is your show budget-challenged? I can make 3 cameras look like 7 and 8 cameras look like a million bucks! Need crew? - I have connections to the best in the Seattle market and notes from 40+ years of global production experience. Gear - from switchers to jibs and more are just a phone call away. I travel too - Seattle is just an airport away. Don't forget about my producing chops too - I have self-produced DVD's and On Demand (OTT) projects - comedy, jazz and Rock n Roll

From the white-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps to multiple events for two Presidents.


 Lens selection, operator skills, transmission, content presentation, timing and technical knowledge.... If you need a Director that can call large-scale, live events or studio projects or streaming, multi-venue projects in a mission critical environment that is dependable, experienced, resourceful, creative and fun - that's me. Poke around my corporate credits tab and see what experience I have that I bring to the party. 

From IMAG to Live Broadcast - 40 years of TV magic!


I believe that every organization deserves the best production available. I have a passion for compassion, community, ministry and non-profit projects - especially fundraisers, auctions, etc. As a Producer for the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon for 12 years, I wrote, produced and edited feature stories, coordinated satellite transmission, booked studio, gear and crew as well as Directed the all-day live show. 

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Let's work together - I do my homework, I prepare, I'm flexible, I'm insured and I love TV!

Questions? Want to book a show, or collaborate on a project? I have directed, switched, shot and produced thousands of live shows, worked in over twenty five countries and almost every state - and I am always looking for the next great event! 

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